Congratulations on your engagement! Our parish is dedicated to helping you prepare for this great Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. We ask God to bless you in these days of preparation and teach your hearts how to imitate His love.

In order to secure a date for your wedding, it will be necessary for you to contact Fr. Matt, the pastor of the parish. We will need to assess your freedom to marry in the Catholic Church.

If either the bride or the groom have been previously married in the Catholic Church or outside of the Catholic Church, an annulment must be completed before the couple is declared free to marry.

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony in the Catholic Church is a life-long commitment of love between one man and one woman who are open to having children, understand the calling to faithfulness, and at least one of the couples is Catholic and committed to raising their future children in the Catholic Faith.

This is a good time make sure that you are registered at our parish. Click here for the parish registration form.

If you do not live near our parish, it would make sense for you to join the parish closest to you. Please have that parish send us their information for our records. They can provide us with whatever requirements they stipulate for your preparation to marry in the Catholic Church, unless they defer the decision to our parish. In any case, we will need to communicate properly.

Catholic weddings must take place in the church building.

If both the bride and groom are Catholic, it is the parish’s expectation that the wedding will take place in the context of the holy Mass. If only one of the couple is Catholic, it is the parish’s expectation that the wedding will not include the reception of Holy Communion.

The preparation for marriages at SS. Cosmas and Damian requires at least six months between the initial meeting and the wedding date. The preparation can be found here: Wedding Preparation Check List and Sessions

Our parish offers an annual PreCana day to couples as a part of of their Wedding Preparation.

Arrangements can be made for a couple to be prepared at a distance or at another parish.
Typically, the customary gift to the parish, priest, and music ministry is $850.