Weddings and Marriage Preparation

Wedding Preparation

SS. Cosmas and Damian Parish


Congratulations on your engagement!  May the Lord bless the foundation of this new family that is to be formed in the Holy Church.  May you inspire others to live according to God’s love and fearlessly follow his calling to this beautiful Sacrament.

  Step One: Call the parish office and make an appointment to have your initial meeting with Fr. Matt Cortnik.  NOTE: THERE IS A REQUIRMENT OF AT LEAST SIX MONTHS BETWEEN THE INITIAL MEETING AND THE WEDDING.

Step Two: At the initial meeting, you will clarify if there is a need for an annulment (previous marriage) or a dispensation (permission for a special situation).  NOTE: NO WEDDING DATE CAN BE SET UNTIL ALL ANNULMENTS ARE COMPLETED.

Step Three: Provide the priest or deacon who is preparing you with an engagement picture, and any paperwork that is required, including a recent copy of your baptismal certificates.

Step Four: With the priest or deacon who is preparing you, the couple will choose the best set of classes or events that they would like to participate in order to feel fully prepared to make a life-long commitment of marriage.  There are many options available at a variety of parishes in the region.  You are required to choose only 16 credits worth of preparation.

Step Five: Take the Prepare and Enrich Assessment.  Contact the parish office to sign up for the assessment.  After you have taken the Assessment, call the parish offices to make an appointment to go over the results.

Step Six: Call the parish office to make arrangements for the music at your wedding ceremony.  Special arrangements for music should be discussed with the parish music ministry coordinator.

Step Seven: Set a rehearsal date and time.  At the rehearsal, you will be REQUIRED TO HAVE YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE.  You will also provide the wedding liturgical plan at the rehearsal that will include the readings and participants that you have selected for the ceremony.  If a visiting clergy will be present, arrangements should be made with the pastor of SS. Cosmas and Damian Parish.


Costs: We recommend a $600 gift, which includes musicians, preparation, clergy, and a gift to the parish.  If you have any financial concerns, the traditional monetary gift can be waived.

CompletedCreditsDate OfferedTalkDescription
 1Make AppointmentInitial MeetingThe Canonical Assessment, explain the requirements, if necessary, prepare the dispensations, give the parish marriage policy, give you the liturgy planning material, and help you choose your marriage preparation plan.
 1ScheduleWedding RehearsalChoose the date and time for the bridal party to practice the wedding ceremony.
 2 Theology of the BodySt. John Paul II’s teaching about Adam and Eve, the struggle between the sexes, and the hope of Christ.
 2 Three LovesFr. Matt explains Pope Benedict XVI’s teaching about how the word “Love” means different thing in different contexts.
 2 Symbolism in the Marriage CeremonyThe meaning of Marriage as a Sacrament as symbolized within the ritual itself.
 2 Vision of the BridegroomThe ancient, and yet fresh, understanding of God and humanity as a renewed image of Bridegroom and His beloved Bride.
 2 Recommitted to the FaithHelping young couples who have been distant from the practice of their faith to take a conscious first step back into a community of believers.
 2 Two Expressions of the One FaithCreating a unified family plan while respecting religious differences.
 2 Engaged and Living TogetherHaving an honest talk about the pros and cons of living together before marriage.

Spousal Prayer

Learn how to pray as a couple.  
 3Make appointmentPrepare and EnrichGo over the results of a compatibility and complementarity assessment.
 2 Raising Children Catholic Addressing some of the challenges of a Catholic Identity for this generation and the one to come.
 4 Pre Cana RetreatAn all-day retreat with other engaged couples conducted by married couples.  May attend a Pre Cana at another Catholic Church.
 4ScheduleCouple-to-Couple MeetingsA married couple conducts personalized consultation and lessons for the engaged couple.  Only for those who do not do Pre Cana.
 2 Marriage as a VocationUnderstanding the dignity of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.
 TOTAL CREDITS  (Choose 16 of 24 Credits)