I like to think of the Sacrament of Confirmation as a person going from being a passenger on a vessel, to being an active sailor of a vessel. Congratulation on recognizing the calling of the Lord to draw you into a deeper relationship with the Mission of the Church. Please take seriously your formation, and know that we take seriously your calling.

Preparation for Confirmation is a two-year process. Those who have attended Faith Formation may elect to take an Advance Placement test in the 8th grade. All other candidates will begin their preparation for Confirmation in the ninth grade and up. Please click here to register for classes.

The cost for Faith Formation and Preparation for Confirmation will be explained by the Faith Formation office.

Adults who are seeking Confirmation may attend the Journey of Faith classes. Others will be walking with us that desire to know more about what Catholics really believe or to become Catholics. These classes begin in September and culminate at the end of April.

There is no cost for adults seeking Confirmation.

To join Journey of Faith, click here.

Register online at: Confirmation