First Holy Communion

I love to celebrate First Holy Communion! The children remind us of the faith we are called to believe. All of us remember this as one of our first formal events and steps toward maturity in our community.

There are four requirements to receive Holy Communion:

  1. You must be a baptized Catholic. If you or your child need baptism, please contact the parish office.
  2. You must be properly trained. To register for First Communion Classes please click the link below.
  3. You must believe that it truly is the Body and Blood of Christ. Please reinforce for yourselves and your children this core belief of the Catholic Church. It is not symbolic. It truly is the Living Christ with us, though under the appearance of simple bread and wine. To deny this Real Presence is to deny the power of the Holy Spirit and the essence of our Faith in Jesus, the Church, the Sacraments, and the spiritual realities. For this reason, non-Catholics may not receive Holy Communion. If a person grows in their Faith in the Real Presence, please have them approach the parish to begin the process of becoming a member of the Catholic Church before going to Holy Communion.
  4. A person must be in a state of Grace. In other words, we require First Confession before First Communion. For all of us, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is a gift to help us shed the effects of mortal sin, including missing Mass on Sunday. The parents make the commitment to God that they will provide guidance, example and transportation to their children so that they can fulfill their weekly Sunday Obligation to attend the Holy Mass and, when necessary, to confess one’s sins.

Register online at: First Communion