Pastoral Plan 2020-2021

Pastoral Plan 2020-2021

Priorities of the Parish for 2020-2021

  1. New Pentecost
  2. Oasis
  3. Foundations
  4. Family Ministry
  5. Small Parish Groups

First Priority: New Pentecost

The New Pentecost refers to the request of the Holy Spirit to anoint us afresh with new gifts so as to accomplish the divine plan as we respond to a shifting culture.  The culture is responding to the Coronavirus, the national racial tensions, the youth taking ownership for the direction of the culture, and a polarization of dedication to the Church, either by apathy or by community.

  1. Michael and Keri will attend the Life Teen Conference in September
  2. The parish technology will be further developed as a tool of evangelization and community building.
  • Alpha will be offered for an introduction to Christianity.
  1. Journey of Faith will be offered as an introduction, formation, or acquaintance to Catholicism.
  2. Renewal of the process of accepting new parishioners; Host Family.
  3. Catholics Returning Back Home
  • Focus on the Holy Spirit at the Confirmation Retreat.
  • Create a Men’s Renewal.
  1. Form a Young Adults Group.
  2. Develop Hope’s Garden as an introduction to Christ the Bridegroom.
  3. Use baptismal preparation classes as a formation of Catholic identity and community building.
  • Men’s Renewal


Second Priority: Oasis

The Oasis refers to the development and support of a regional and global sense of Church by drawing on the gifts of other Catholic communities and offering our parish’s gifts to other Catholic Communities.

  1. Package wedding preparation, Kerygma classes, parish retreats, Charismatic Renewal, Faith Formation Program, and Evangelization tools for sharing with surrounding parishes.
  2. Nurture the existing regional ministry of Thea Bowman Center.
  • Develop a regional collaboration for Catholic Heart Work Camp, Life Teen, and Couple to Couple Ministry.
  1. Introduce a regional Asian Ministry, African American Ministry, Vocations, Men’s Renewal, Missionary Childhood, and Young Adults ministry.
  2. Hispanic Ministry: Monthly Mass, Weekly Homilies, Windsor Shrine (Aug.), Live Streaming.
  3. Shared Parish Missions.
  • Further stages of development include working with Catholic Relief Services, focusing our combined effort to support the Bedford Parishes to stabilize, and develop a relationship with parishes in Ghana, the Community of the Risen Lord in Sri Lanka, and our Diocesan Missions in El Salvador.


Third Priority: Foundations

Foundations refers to creating physical or organization aspects of the parish that will yield fruit at later stages of our parish development.

  1. Build a Marian Grotto.
  2. Repurpose the Multi Purpose Room for a conference room and classrooms.
  • Reopen the Adoration Chapel.
  1. Create a support and prayer group for youth ministers.
  2. Focus on Young Parents getting involved.
  3. Create a monthly community event.
  • Improve the parish signs, parking lot, and property lighting.
  • Continue with Bible studies
  1. Nurture the Youth Council
  2. Work on paying off the church mortgage
  3. Apply for various grants.
  • Reorganize Liturgy Responsibilities.


Fourth Priority: Family Ministry

Family Ministry aims to strengthen marriage, heal relationships, envision a community to support each other, create intergenerational opportunities, and include men in the sense of community.

  1. Develop Marriage Preparation.
  2. Promote Theology of the Body.
  • Offer healing and the Christ the Bridegroom imagery through Hope’s Garden.
  1. Have a Men’s Renewal.
  2. Follow up with the new parishioners with personal invitations.
  3. Recognize the accomplishments of the youth.
  • Support young couples.
  • Move Ignite Mass to 11:00 AM.


Fifth Priority: Small Parish Groups

  1. Workshops for small parish groups.
  2. Develop a process for the initiation and conclusion of a Small Parish Group.
  • Advertising events and membership.
  1. Give access to parish resources and supply new resources.
  2. Follow Up to inquiries with personal invitations.
  3. Postinea, Denise Turle, Brides of Christ, Loaves and Fish, Shawl Ministry, Holy Name Society, Knights of Columbus, Women’s Group, Neighborhood Prayer Group, Community of the Risen Lord, Centering Prayer Group.