May 4-5

Try this Marian Scripture search to learn all you can about our Blessed Mother.

Learn these special prayers in honor of Mary!  (You’ll probably find that you know most of them already!)  Pray them with love to our Blessed Mother!

As a family, plan a May Crowning for our Blessed Mother. If you don’t have a statue of Mary in your home, considering getting one!  Or, for now, honor her with a picture, placed in a prominent place of respect and honor in your home.  Here are some ways to honor our Blessed Mother!

Week 1: Friends of Jesus and Saints in Heaven!


The 10 Commandments and the Beatitudes have been given to us by God, to teach us how to follow him.  Complete the following, using your Bible as necessary.  You will need Deuteronomy 5:6-21; Matthew 5:3-12; and Matthew 22:36-40 .

Missionary Childhood

Missionary Childhood – special mission!  This year, we have learned about missionaries from around the world, now it’s time to tell your story!  Go to this link and tell me about your “missionary” plans with Jesus! Think about how following the Commandments and the Beatitudes will help you to live out God’s plan for you,

Main Ideas

  • Review this past year of Faith Formation First Disciple with your child, and talk about who were your favorite people to meet. What makes someone a friend of Jesus? How are we (and your child) friends of Jesus?  e., praying, talking with each other, listening, doing what Jesus tells us to do, loving others, respecting our parents, reading Bible stories about Jesus, going to Mass, etc.
  • You and your child are called to holiness – to be saints! Activities below will guide you.

Week 2: You Are Chosen!

Main Ideas

  • God calls each one of us, including you. Learn to listen to God’s voice. Talk to him regularly, every day – even all day.  Learn to take everything you do to God in prayer.
  • Jesus calls you as his disciple! He wants you to learn to follow him closely.
  • You will learn and grow from Jesus as you stand beside him, while he does miraculous things!

Final Project

Watch this video, that will explain your final project for this year.

You can choose from one of these Gospel miracle stories, or select another.

  • Loaves and fishes – John 6:1-15
  • Healing of a leper – Luke 5:12-16
  • Healing the man born blind – John 11:1-54

 Use this link  for the information you need to include in your project. 

Create a presentation of the miracle story you have chosen.

Submit your project according to the instructions before June 1st!