Faith Formation For High School-Aged Students

At the moment we baptize our children, we make a solemn promise to educate our children in the
Catholic Faith. While this responsibility primarily lies with the parents, your parish is here to help.

Our parish offers Faith Formation classes from pre-school through high school. High School students are encouraged to participate in Anchor Youth Group for their faith formation. 

If you feel God is calling you to become a teacher or catechist of the faith, please communicate with Joni
Smith, our director of the parish Faith Formation program.


Confirmation preparation will be offered parallel to the Faith Formation classes. In other words, your
child will need to participate in both Anchor Youth Group and in Confirmation Preparation. To register for
Confirmation Preparation, click here.


Why does the parish require both Faith Formation Classes and Confirmation
Classes? Do they not receive the necessary information at one or the other classes? The standards are
set by the Diocese of Cleveland to insure that our children are properly prepared, not only to receive the
Sacraments, but to then understand their identity as a Catholic. Studies have shown that the previous
minimum requirements were not effective in developing properly committed disciples that could
explain and defend their Catholic Faith. Therefore, the bishop has implemented this methodology.