Bible Studies

It is so important that we continue to grow in our knowledge of the Faith through the study of Sacred Scriptures and the discussion of various topics in the Faith, such as our history, liturgy, Vatican Documents, Saints, Theology, and devotions.

Joni Smith, our parish Pastoral Minister, has a Monday morning Bible Study group you can attend in person or online at 10 AM.

Keri Knowles has a study group called Feminine Genius.  Contact the parish office for more information.

Fr. Michael, our pastor, has a Monday night Kerygma: Adult Faith Formation, that includes Bible Study, at 7 PM, that you can also attend in person or online.  Click here for the previously recorded videos.

Laura Ercolino’s group, Hope’s Garden, studies the Song of Songs.  For more information, please contact the parish office.

Bob Poletti has a seasonal Men’s Bible study group in preparation for Advent and Lent.  Contact the parish office for more information.

Other parish groups continue to develop, even for a season, to study Sacred Scriptures.  Please let us know if you are starting a group so that we can offer support and let you know if there are other parishioners or visitors who would like to attend.