November PreK – 1

Week 1:
God Made My Eyes and Ears.
God Gave Me a Heart
to Love God and Others


  •  Watch the weekly news videos from our office. We send links to the YouTube videos to you through our Faith Formation gmail at Please make sure that our emails are not going to your junk or spam folders! 
  • Pray the Angel of God prayer with your little ones as you tuck them into bed at night, say grace before meals together (beginning with the Sign of the Cross), and get your family to Mass.  This is the biggest prayer yet.  If you are not able to physically attend due to health concerns, please join the Mass virtually via our Facebook page

Main Ideas

  • God made me wonderfully good.
  • God wants me to use my eyes, ears, and heart to learn about God.
  • I can use my eyes, ears, and heart to love God and others.
  • God calls me to be holy – that means to be like a Saint! (Prayer, going to Mass, obeying God and my parents, loving God and other people). 
  • Names are important! My name has special meaning. (Parents: teach your child what his/her name means. Tell them the story about how you chose that name for him/her. Teach them to use names lovingly.)


What's In a Name?

  • Explore what your child’s name means, and share it with him/her. This website is a great resource!
  • Here are a couple of fun activities you can do with your name! Choose one of these, or make up another! Put your finished name project somewhere where you will see it and remember that God made you special!

Prayer Missions

  • Continue to pray together, learning the new prayers in the prayer flip book, and pray in your own words, just being with God and talking with Him. 

  • Practice saying grace before meals and pray together the Missionary Childhood prayer. 

  • Participate in the Holy Mass! Mass is BIG prayer!!

  • Learn to pray a “litany” or list of prayers with the saints!


  • Create a litany of saints you know by filling in the blanks. Now say this as a personalized prayer for your family! Just like we ask our family and friends to pray for us, we also ask our family and friends in Heaven to pray for us! They are close to God and can take our prayers right to God in person!


  • I Can Be Holy” worksheet. Children will simply draw a picture of him/herself in the appropriate boxes. 


  • Coloring page – St. Luke: You can print out the page for your child to color, or they can ‘color’ virtually on any computer!

Week 2:
Missionary Childhood - Russia

Main Ideas

  • Missionary Childhood will meet St. Francis Xavier and learn about being Catholic in Russia.
  • What is a missionary?


  • Video for Missionary Child Lesson (Coming soon!)
  • Lukas Storyteller video: Anthony of Padua – “Telling the Truth”


  • Follow these links for some great coloring pages for the children. You can print them out, or your child can color them online (no special computer or apps necessary!)



Cook and Create!

Try a new recipe from Russia!

  • Learn how to make Blini – Russian pancakes! You can make them with all sorts of fillings. Pancakes are not just for breakfast anymore!
  • Try this Russian favorite – Borscht!

Share and Discuss

As a family, talk about what you learned through Missionary Childhood about St. Francis Xavier and being a missionary. What does this inspire you to ?do as a family


Practice prayers, including Angel of God, Sign of the Cross, Our Father, and participating in the Holy Mass, and say a prayer for children and families all over the world.

Week 3:
God Made the Sky, Water, Rainbows, Birds, Fish, and All the Animals!
Giving Thanks to God

Main Ideas

  • God made all natural creatures. Look at the variety and creativity of God!
  • Ovserve the beauty and wonder of all that God created. God is even more beautiful and wonderful than all of these!
  • It is right to give God thanks and praise!
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving as a family!

Family Activity Ideas

  • Do something special to prepare for Thanksgiving as a family. Perhaps you’d like to make “Gratitude Jars” for each family member, or for each of your guests for Thanksgiving. Be sure to lavel each jar’s owner and add a slip that says, “I am grateful for ________________.” 
  • Make a centerpiece or bake something you’d like to share with others! Decide what you can do as a family! Need ideas? The second activity on this link is a thankfulness tree – very easy to do with a small branch, a pot, and some construction paper. If you prefer, you can do a thankfulness turkey, turning the leaves into feathers, and constructing a turkey from some other items. 
  • Or how about making this adorable turkey cheeseball? Kids can help stick pretzel sticks in for feathers, and arrange the crackers around him. They may even be able to help you mix the ingredients for the cheeseball. While you’re making it, talk about how thankful you are to God for the people in your family, and the many blessings God has given us!

Watch and Listen


Hand Prayer – Children can color, and families can pray together. Print out as many as you need for each family member!


Joyful Praise – Watch and sing along with! (Link coming soon!)


Practice your prayers, following the flip book and the guide that goes with it. If you haven’t picked it up yet, they are in the parish office!

Place your Bible on your family’s special prayer center, where everyone will be able to see it and use it often. 

Week 4:
Preparing for Advent


Advent countdown chain – with removable goodies and prayers. 

Advent Good Deeds Manger

Advent Calendar

An Advent calendar can be found here (you can also pick these up in the parish office!), instructions for the Advent calendar can be found here.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Plan a birthday celebration for the baby Jesus! How will you celebrate? Invite guests? Bake a cake? Read the story about Jesus’ birth?

Check In!

Email me your success stories! Photos are most welcome; we like to get excited about your success, too!!