May PreK – 1

Week 1: Friends of Jesus and Saints in Heaven!


Watch this Lukas Storyteller video about St. Maximilian Kolbe and Gratefulness!

Missionary Childhood

Special mission!  As we learned about missionaries from around the world, now it’s time to tell your story!  Draw a picture of yourself with Jesus, teaching people about God’s love for them.  If you can, scan the picture and email it to me.  I’d love to see your pictures!

Joyful Praise

Here are some songs that I think you and your child will enjoy!  Encourage your child to make his/her own dance motions to go along as they feel so inspired.

The Butterfly Song   (a fun one!)

This Little Light of Mine a classic!

Arky Arky!  you won’t be able to get this one out of your heads!

Thank You, Lord! very popular with the children!

When I Look 

Main Ideas

  • Review this past year of Faith Formation First Disciple with your child, and talk about who were your favorite people to meet. What makes someone a friend of Jesus? How are we (and your child) friends of Jesus?  e., praying, talking with each other, listening, doing what Jesus tells us to do, loving others, respecting our parents, reading Bible stories about Jesus, going to Mass, etc.
  • You and your child are called to holiness – to be saints! Activities below will guide you.
  • Sing Joyful Praise!
  • Take a gratefulness walk and identify things you are grateful to God for.  Say a prayer before you start off and ask God to help you notice the beautiful and interesting things he has made.  Make it a point to say a short prayer as you see these things along the way, or make a list and say one prayer at the end of your journey.  

Week 2: Telling His Story

Main Ideas

  • We have learned about Jesus, and now he wants us to share his stories with others.
  • We can be missionary disciples by following Jesus, and by learning and sharing his stories.


Learn the story of the reluctant prophet Jonah, who tried to say “no!” to God.  God loves you, and wants you to say “Yes!” to loving God back.  Here is a parent link from us to give you some background on the story, and here’s a link to a short video on the story of Jonah just for kids. Help your child create a story board or picture to tell the story of Jonah, including his/her own “Yes!” to God at the end. 


Try a craft to help your child re-tell the story of Jonah’s disobedience to God, and how he finally did what God asked and many people came to know and love God because of him.  Here are some links to give you ideas.


  • Pray with your child and ask God to help you learn obedience to his ways.

    “Dear God, thank you for making me your own child!  Please forgive me for the times that I disobey you.  Remind me that you always know what is best, and help me learn to obey you in all things!  Amen!”  You might even consider pasting this prayer onto your Jonah craft to remind you.