March 4-5

Lenten Progress Check

Parents, talk with your children about the promises they made for Lent to help them grow closer to God. If they haven’t done this yet, please help them form a plan right away, and offer this time as a gift to Jesus.

Week 1: The Transfiguration of Jesus:
the 4th Luminous Mystery


  • Watch this video taken at Mt. Tabor in the Holy Land.  You can skim through and watch the video only, if you’d like, or you can listen to some historical context of this amazing event.  

Luminous Mysteries

  • Pray the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, paying special attention to the Mysteries that we’ve already learned…  Baptism of Jesus, Miracle of water to wine, Jesus proclaims the Kingdom of God, and now the Transfiguration!

Main Ideas

  • This is the fourth Luminous Mystery of the Rosary
  • Jesus goes up to the top of a high mountain with a few of his disciples, and is transfigured right before their eyes. On top of that, the voice of God can be heard from heaven!
  • The disciples were both astonished and frightened.
  • Peter wanted to build “booths” to remember this event and to honor its three featured guests. (Interestingly enough, today there are three churches on that mountaintop to honor them!)


  • Look up the Transfiguration in the Bible. You can read it in either Matthew 17:1-8, Mark 9:2-8, or Luke 9:28-36.
  • View photos of the Church of the Transfiguration in Israel. 
  • Complete this review of the Transfiguration. You’ll need your Bible!

Stations of the Cross

  • Walk the Stations of the Cross as a family. You can attend Stations in the Church (or online) on Fridays at 7pm or come up to the church and walk the outdoor stations (along the sidewalk between he church and Fr. Michael’s house)!

Week 2: Missionary Childhood:
St. Francis, Italy, & CRS Countries

Main Ideas

  • Meet St. Francis of Assisi, Italy.
  • Catholic Relief Services teaches us about people they serve in three different countries. 


Planning for Lent


  • Try one of more of these activities to get to know and understand St. Francis a little better, according to your child’s age. I love the idea of making a zoo and blessing the animals. Did you know that St. Francis preached to the animals about God’s love? Perhaps your child may want to line up all of the stuffed animals at home and tell them a story about Jesus! 

Week 3: "Called to Protect" Child Safety Program & St. Patrick

Main Ideas

  • Following our Diocesan instructions for protecting God’s children, or parents will be our teachers this week, using the lesson plans that have been prepared for you. 
  • Learn about St. Patrick

St. Patrick

Week 4: Palm Sunday

Main Ideas

  • Learn about Palm Sunday in a special LifeTeen article
  • Pray the Stations of the Cross as a family, and teach your children to pray it on their own also.
  • Meet the people who were near Jesus when he suffered and died.
  • Learn how to celebrate the Triduum.

People of the Passion

  • This link will introduce you to certain people, and show you their roles in Jesus’ suffering and death. They also had roles in the Resurrection, but we’ll get to that next month!

Palm Sunday

Stations of the Cross

  • Here is a flip book, that you can print out and assemble.  If you would like for us to do that for you, please contact the parish office. You can pray these prayers at home in front of a crucifix, or come to the church. You can walk the Stations of the Cross either inside the church building from 9 am – 3 pm weekdays, or outdoors using our new Stations on the sidewalk between the church building and Fr. Michael’s house.

Holy Triduum