Just Visiting

Dear Visitors,

My name is Fr. Michael Stalla, the pastor of SS. Cosmas and Damian Parish in Twinsburg. I thank the Lord for this parish and my opportunity to serve with such wonderful people!

You are always welcome to join us for Holy Mass. If you desire to receive Holy Communion, please talk to our parish and we would be happy to make arrangements to formally bring you into the Catholic Church.

Our parish is vibrant and growing. There are many opportunities to get involved. Most ministries do not require you to be a member of our parish, or even a member of the Catholic Church. If you sincerely desire to serve the Lord and His people, we welcome you with open arms. Click here to see our many parish ministries.

Though our online platform gives people a chance to visit us, there is nothing like an in-person encounter. That is true with neighbors, and with the Lord. I would encourage you to come in person and talk to us. You will find our parishioners are friendly and welcoming.

Sometimes people have been away from the Church for some time. Sometimes, people have very good reasons to have walked away. My role, as your pastor, is to take any obstacles out of the way so as to let you flourish and thrive in Christ’s love. Just talk to me. Maybe I can forgive your sins. Maybe it is time for me to ask you for forgiveness for the mistakes of my Catholic brothers and sisters. Today may be the day we make things right between us.

For those who are from another parish and just checking out our activity, please feel free to give us some tips on best practices and creative ideas in your parishes too. We are part of the same family and would love to help your parish grow and the message of Christ reach even more people.

To the youth, please feel free to get involved! We love you and value you here at SS. Cosmas and Damian parish. I promise I won’t make the youth merely clean up after our events. We want to offer you opportunities to learn, make lasting friendships, be inspired, develop your gifts, and, of course, make a difference in the world by serving.

For six years I served in El Salvador as a missionary. Now God has sent me to you. I dedicate all of my skill to serving you, regardless if you are officially a member of my parish. I offer all my abilities to bring you to a great understanding of Christ and a personal relationship with the Lord. May the great Tradition of the Catholic Church, the Holy Sacraments, and this community of Faith be a life-giving oasis for all of you who struggle with the desert of the soul.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Stall