Eucharistic Miracles Displays

Blessed Carlo Acutis was an Italian teenager who died in 2006.  He developed a website that chronicled many of the Eucharistic Miracles in the tradition of the Catholic Church. We believe that the bread and wine consecrated at the Holy Mass become the actual Body and Blood of the living Jesus Christ, though they typically continue to appear as simple bread and wine.  This appearance is for our sake.  God, in His mercy and desire to draw us closer, choses to become food for us so that “He who eats my Body and drinks my Blood may have life.”  However, there have been many documented miracles that remind us that this change is not just symbolic, but the Real Presence of Jesus.  On rare occasions, the Eucharist bleeds, is found with a different texture more akin to flesh, or brings a miraculous change to the communicant. Influenced by the Protestant Reformation and modern scientific sensitivities, many Catholics have lost faith in that the Communion they receive is the actual Real Presence of the Body and Blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ.  These miracles continue to strength faith and reassure us that the events of the Last Supper were absolutely real; the power of God has changed our reality in a mysterious way. To help increase our faith, SS. Cosmas and Damian Parish will be hosting an exhibit of the Eucharistic Miracles as documented by Blessed Carlo Acutis.  The event will take place in October and be available for two weeks.  The entire parish campus will be available for this event.  We will be inviting those from our parish, other parishes, non Catholics, schools, and any who are interested to attend. If you are interested in supporting the event through volunteering or donating toward the cause, please contact the parish offices.  The more people involved in this event, the better.  How pleased our Lord must be that this Eucharistic parish would host such an event!