December 6-8

Week 1:
Our Lady of Guadalupe:
Our Blessed Mother Visits Mexico!

Our Lady of Guadalupe

  • Read the story to re-familiarize yourself with Our Lady of Guadalupe. 
  • This video also tells the story very well for teens and young adults!
  • Watch this video on the scientific evidence of the tilma of Juan Diego, and the image left on it by Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Main Ideas

  • Our Blessed Mother has been seen on earth many times, but her appearance in Mexico has had great historical impact on our Church and the conversion of so many indigenous peoples at the time. 
  • The miracle of the tilma of Juan Diego still carries today a great message of hope, love, and joy for all people. 


  • Do this interactive crossword puzzle to review some of the miracles involved in the Our Lady of Guadalupe message. 


  • Mary asked that a church be built to honor her in Mexico. We, too, have built a grotto to  honor Mary, and to serve as a place of prayer for the conversion of hearts!

    Please participate with us on Tuesday, December 8th, when Bishop Edward Malesic and Fr. Michael will officially dedicate and bless our grotto.  You can join us in person at 6:30 near Fr. Michael’s house, in the front of the church. If you cannot join us in person, it will be live-streamed on our parish Facebook page.


Try a new recipe from Mexico!!


  • Students – last month you created a litany of saints. This month, either create a litany of names for Mary or Jesus. You can include many from Marian apparitions throughout the world, including Our Lady of Grace, for whom our grotto is names. See how many names for Jesus you can recall. Google! Add a common prayer response like, “hear our prayer,” or “I adore you” for a Jesus prayer. Then pray it!


  • As a family, retell the story of Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe or, if you’re feeling adventurous, act it out! Be sure to recall the many miracles that you remember from this story.

Week 2:
God Really Entered Our World:
What Does This Mean?

Main Ideas

  • Incarnation: God – Creator of all things – became one of us…He was not just in the appearance of a human being, but was truly a human being; like us in every way except sin.
  • Because of Jesus’ intimate connection with Father, his very center was oriented toward goodness. It was his very nature. 
  • Our nature, too, was oriented toward God until sin messed up our vision. 
  • God cam her to save us from our sin, which was certain to lead us to death – separation from God forever.
  • Jesus lived our human experience, even to the point of suffering and death, in order to conquer death for us. 
  • Jesus will come back again – it could be any day- but he will be back for us! He promised!


  • Watch the movie The Nativity, if you can. I have a couple copies in the parish if you want to borrow for a couple days. Just call first!
  • Watch Fr. Mike Schmitz’ video on Jesus’ return.
  • The Chosen Christmas episode 


Don’t forget Advent! Look back to your Advent calendar, or consider how you can prepare your heart to receive God’s love this Christmas!


Practice prayers and participate in the Holy Mass.

Week 3:

Main Ideas

  • Take a good look at who got to be present when God became man! Look at the nativity from Luke, chapter 2. Notice that God chose regular people, even the lowly and the outcasts – not the 


  • Choose a person from the nativity of Jesus, and reflect on what it would have meant to be there and see Him in person. You can do this as a family, with each person choosing someone they would like to have been that day, and talking about 


  • Watch this funny look at the First Christmas, as told by the innkeeper, courtesy of  Skit Guys! 


  • Who in your life is a witness to knowing God?  Choose one to think about here.  How does that person witness to you about God?  What does he/she say or do to show you who God is? What impact does that have on you?  Extra challenge:  Have a conversation with that person about this.  Ask questions, say thank you or whatever you feel inspired to do.

  • How is God calling you to be a witness to others? Like the angels brought good tidings of great joy to the shepherds, what “good news” would you bring to someone you know? What methods would you use?

  • What does it mean to you, that God came into our world to live with us, to teach us how to love and sacrifice for each other, and to die for us?  Take this question and your response to prayer.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and your feelings towards an increased love for God!

Week 4:
Just For Fun!

Silent Night

  • Enjoy a silent night – or at least a few moments of one!  Go outside and look up at the stars. Imagine what that first Christmas evening might have looked like.  Bright star pointing the way…  heavenly hosts (angels) surrounded by bright light and singing…  Mary and Joseph enjoying their tiny newborn for the first time, knowing that this child who has been entrusted to them is none other than God himself!   Take this time for yourself.


  • Christmas at my house word find! This is an interactive online activity. Be sure your volume is on. It will reset a new way every time you play, see how many of these things you can find around your house. 
  • Be a kid again for a little while.  Go play in the snow… build a snowman, or be creative – build a snow dinosaur!  Make a fort, have a snowball fight!  Can’t have friends over? Make a target and see how accurate your snowballs can be. Watch snowflakes fall against the background of the streetlights. Catch snowflakes on your tongue. Whatever you do, relax and just be a kid for a while!

Sing and Share!

  • With your parents permission, sing a Christmas song and send it to your grandparents or friends. Encourage them to send one back to you. Be serious or goofy, whatever your style! Costumes and props are optional!
  • Bake a holiday treat for your family, and enjoy together! Extras? Consider sharing some with a neighbor!



  • Pray a Christmas carol! Choose a Christmas carol (one of religious significance!) about the birth of Jesus. Pray through the lyrics and see what you discover!