April 9-12

Week 1: Celebrate Easter!



Week 2: The Chosen: episode 7

Main Ideas

  • Watch this episode of The Chosen and see Jesus finally call Matthew, and watch his response!
  • Use the Watch Guide to identify the characters as the scenes change quickly back and forth.

Watch and Reflect

  • Watch
     “The Chosen” episode 7  “Invitations”

  • Watch guide 

  • You don’t have to write anything here, but think about Matthew and Nicodemus.  Try to connect with their feelings and emotions if you can. Matthew and Nicodemus were both longing for an encounter with Jesus.  One decided to follow him as soon as he was invited.  The other will follow only from a distance.  How will you follow the One who has called you?

Week 3: Resurrection People

Main Ideas

  • Connecting Jesus’ resurrection to our celebration of the Mass
  • Connection resurrection and Mass to your personal life
  • Living as a person of the resurrection


  • Read this LifeTeen article on the connections with Jesus’ resurrection and the Mass we celebrate every Sunday. 


  • On the Road to Emmaus This is an engaging look at the connection between the resurrected Jesus and the holy Mass.  You will enjoy this!


Week 4: Real Discipleship

Main Ideas

  • Examine how close Jesus wants you to be to Him. Rest in His arms.
  • Listen to what you mean to Jesus with Fr. Mike Schmitz
  • Begin a great adventure of faith with Jesus by reflecting on your faith journey with Him.
  • Pray the Glorious Mysteries of the holy Rosary with other teens

Gifts of the Holy Spirit


  • Watch/listen to this music video  “By Your Side” by Tenth Avenue North.  As you listen, picture Jesus singing this to you, and place yourself in his hands.  

  • Watch Fr. Mike Schmitz – “Easter Special” message for you.