Sacramental Programs


Contact: Deacon Ed Chernick

The first Sacrament of Initiation.  Baptisms are celebrated at the weekend masses at a date agreeable between the parents and the parish.  Per diocesan requirements, a preparation class must be attended by the couple before the baptism of their first child.  The preparation class is held on the 3rd Tuesday every other month 7:00 – 8:00 pm in the Parish Center. Please call the parish office to confirm your attendance.

First Eucharist/First Reconciliation
Contact: Joni Smith

Preparation for this Sacrament of Healing and Eucharist engages parents and children who are 7 years old and in the second year of faith formation, to celebrate and receive the sacraments not just once but as a lifelong faith practice.  Preparation takes place outside of school and other faith formation events, happening in a parish and family-based setting.  First Reconciliations is typically celebrated in the winter season.  First Eucharist is celebrated on a Sunday after Easter.

Contact: Joni Smith

Thursday, May 26 and Tuesday, May 31 at 7 pm in the church have been set aside to share with parents, the new diocesan instructions for Confirmation preparation that have recently been given to us to implement. Parents who have children in grades 6 and up (who have not yet been Confirmed) are encouraged to attend one of these information meetings. If you have not yet received a Confirmation registration packet, extra packets will be available at these meetings for your convenience. Additional Faith Formation packets will also be available. Fr. Michael Stalla and Mrs. Joni Smith will be facilitating.

Contact: Deacon Ed and Linda Chernick

A once a year event that takes place the Sunday before Palm Sunday that fulfills the diocesan requirement for marriage for engaged couples of the parish, as well as surrounding parishes.  Team members meet for 10 weeks at 7:30 pm on Fridays for 90 minutes, to prepare and plan for the event.

Marriage Ministry

The marriage ministry focuses on marriage as a sacrament, helping couples strengthen their relationship by placing God at the center of their marriage.  The ministry allows married couples opportunities to grow and share as couples within the ministry and the community.  The team encourages additional couples to join in preparation and presentation of marriage enrichment programs.