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As the primary teachers of the faith for their children (National Directory of Catechesis, p. 234) parents provide catechesis for their children in their home.  The Diocese of Cleveland instructs that the parents meet regularly with their children for a systematic and comprehensive study of Catholic beliefs and traditions.  A grade level text series chosen by the parish form the United States Catholic Conference of Bishop’s approved listing of parish student texts is used to determine the curriculum and incorporation of instruction on Scripture and Tradition, liturgy and the liturgical year, creed, sacraments, commandments, moral life and prayer.  Catechetical leaders support this model by providing orientation and training for parents.  At prescribed intervals, parents meet with the Pastor and/or Catechetical leader to monitor the progress the family is making in catechizing their child/children.  As parents continue to seek formation and growth in their personal faith and in their knowledge of Church doctrine and Scripture, the Office of Catechetical Services and this parish will offer programs and workshops in order to assist them.  Families are strongly encouraged to attend the parish Generations of Faith sessions.