Holy Name Society

Contact: Deacon Bob Espostio

The Holy Name Society is an organization of Catholic men 18 years or older that promotes love and respect for God and His Holy Name and is actively engaged in the spiritual and social life of our Parish.  We aim to grow spiritually as active members of our faith community and witness to society as true disciples of Christ living the Gospel in our daily lives. Our spiritual activities include prayer, guest speakers, bible studies, attendance at a quarterly Communion Mass, and annual spiritual retreat or conference.  We serve as ushers, counters, award an annual scholarship, donate to various charities, work at parish fund raising and social events like fish fries, clam bakes, Night under the Stars, and assist at memorials like Wakes, and Respect for Life services.  We have monthly meetings, dinners with spouses, nursing home visits, an annual picnic, Christmas party, and other social events such as dinner theater to enhance our community spirit.   We also support the varied activities of all other ministries in our Parish.